Technical Support

Mpression_0.pngElectronic devices and peripherals grow increasingly sophisticated, and yet the same time product lifecycles are getting shorter and shorter. System developers of today must release new products in shorter time frames, while maintaining the same product quality as before. Furthermore, as market become more global, they face extremely severe cost requirements as well.

Amidst these changes in the business environment, there is an increasing demand for system-level technology solutions which cover semiconductors, printed circuits, and software used in the electronic device. At Macnica, we believe that supporting these needs is one of the most critical missions of the semiconductor provider. This is why we have enhanced our engineering organization for providing integrated design services oriented toward system developers, in addition to our conventional sales and engineering organizations.

Mpression is the name of this integrated design-service technology brand. Through the advanced design and development services offered under the Macspire brand, we actively support our customers' needs to shorten product-development cycles and maximize the utility value of our semiconductor products.

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