Hagiwara Solutions

Hagiwara Solutions

Hagiwara Solutions is one of Japan’s major flash storage manufacturers, specializing in industrial markets, with our headquarters and R&D center based in Japan, with a long track record and know how. We were founded more than 20 years ago. We provide long term reliable and stable products.

Now, we quest for solutions with Flash SSD Storages, IPCs, Rugged PC Tablets, Gateways, and Sensing Technologies.

Rugged PCs, IPCs, and Gateways
We also provide industrial computers. Rugged Tablet PCs for your tough working environment, Self-Diagnosis Controller for your predictive maintenance, and umati OPC UA Server on our Tiny Gateway.

Storage Solutions - VWF Tool for configuration
Our software “VWF Tool” is a configuration tool to enable/ disable VWF on our SSDs. You can choose GUI or CUI.

Sensing Solutions
We have started to offer our sensing technologies for your own solutions. The Click Sound Recognition System assists correct cable connections in automotive factories. The Coolant Contamination Detection System helps you to keep your coolant in the tanks properly. AR Eye Goggle offers hands free browsing for your work references anywhere.


The company is headquartered in Nagoya City, Japan and has about 70 employees with most of them in product development.

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